Thursday, 14 October 2010

Please Mind The Gap

The scrapped Gap logo
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After trying to reinvent their logo, Gap have scrapped it just one week after unveiling it. This was all down to the many critics tearing the reinvention apart on forums and social networking sites.
Personally I do not see what's wrong with the original logo of 20 years, it is an iconic logo known throughout the world, the failed attempt looked more like a logo for a marketing company rather than an American fashion brand.
Leave it be Gap!

Your Amazing, Just The Way You Are

Bruno Mars song lyrics have the ability to turn my frown upside down, and make me think that I would like to find my very own Bruno Mars, who likes me just the way I am =]
The majority of women, insecure or not, have the fantasy that they will one day find someone who will not care that they have cellulite, a bad complexion or not so pearly whites. So tell me has anyone found them yet, or do they actually exist, as i'm losing faith.


Monday, 11 October 2010

Brand New BHS

 As a student, I have found it very hard to find a job whilst at university, in fact for the two years that I have attended Huddersfield University, I have not had a single response from any of the many stores I handed my CV too.  So basically I have been living off my student loan and nothing else, well mummy and daddy too obviously =]
Before university I worked for Wallis, which wasn't a bad job, apart from the extremely rude customers that used to frequent the store.
I am now undertaking a placement year, and am currently working for the PR department of Karen Millen, I have fallen in love with most of their products really. The 5.30 alarm is the downside to this excellent opportunity, but hey ho beggars can't be choosers.
While my placement is on the verge of glamorous, my weekend job, which I now finally have is not so much. It seems Wallis could not live without me, so have taken me back, thank goodness. However we are now situated in BHS along with Dorothy Perkins and Burton.
I know what your thinking, BHS, why on earth are Wallis, Dotty P's and Burton in there? Well as you may or may not know they are all part of Arcadia and so is BHS.
Uxbridge store now launched

A BHS store in Uxbridge had a huge refit, with a brand new concept, that has made it super modern. And thanks to Phillip Green the BHS store in Basildon, Essex is one of the lucky stores to get the refit.
I must say it's like working in a completely different place, so modern and inviting and it also has a cafe =]
It's not as glamorous as it should be just yet, as the other BHS employees and I are working in a lot of dust, but on the positive side there are some fairly good-looking builders, which is always nice when it's a quite day.
If you live near a newly refurbished BHS I suggest you go in and take a look you will not believe your hopefully dust free (if it's finished) eyes.

Over and Out