Sunday, 15 September 2013

Lead Sister...

We haven't got rid of the slogan tops just yet, but here at Sister by Sibling they are a little more chic and tied in with the cute retro look of the collection, I think they look fabulous. This is the only time I've seen a denim jacket and crochet skirt ensemble and a 3D floral embellished jacket look effortlessly cool. This collection is definitely doing it for me, and I can't wait to rock some of these looks. Some of these outfits could easily be created using vintage pieces, which I adore.
I love that the wide wing eye makeup and messy bouffant hair is a look that anyone could rock; dressed up or down. Tools required: liquid eyeliner and a backcombing brush = my two fav essential items!!

Teasing my hair

Blue Is The New Pink...

Like most girly girls I adore the colour pink, however when contemplating decorating my room, blue was my colour of choice. Now I don't know whether this was sparked by Kate and Wills engagement photo, or my obsession with Blair Waldorf, but i'm going to declare that I love the colour blue. Every shade has the ability to change my mood. So I am super happy that Topshop Unique have opted for hues of blue throughout their spring/summer 2014 collection. Add a touch of summery yellow and cool white, and you've got yourself a runway show.
Cute knits, over sized shirts paired with girly yellows heels and simple flowing maxi dresses all play a part in making this a wonderful collection.

Ready to wear

My New Love...

If you're a fashion follower, you'll know that LFW Spring/Summer 2014 has been sensational, literally salivating over every designer. It's there that I have found the fashion love of my life; Julien MacDonald. I'm that obsessed, it's like I have never heard of him before. His latest runway collection is to die for, it has celebrity written all over it, and there is definitely more than one red carpet look in this bunch of sexylicious looks.  


Sunday, 8 September 2013

'And yes I will always be a little bit fat' Bridget Jones

September 8th    Weight 10st 12lbs
Size 10 top 12 bottom
Alcohol units - too many to remember #oopps

We have all had a Bridget moment, whether we like to admit it or not, but what she did for us female beings is taught us that not everyone is perfect and there is someone out there that should love us 'just the way we are'. A massive pair of knickers sucks in our flabby bits so on the outside of our clothes we look just that little bit better. Like we do our bodies, most of us put an imaginary pair of magic knickers over our personalities and habits too; pull ourselves in and hide away those little/big bits that we are embarrassed about. Whether it's our dress size, alcohol units or cigarettes consumed or even how depressed we are feeling. To be honest, it's no wonder the male species doesn't really understand us, we are very complex human beings.

So to give us a bit of hope (fingers crossed) that there's more to life than worrying about our weight and calorie counting, Bridge is back. Wooo!!
Helen Fielding has blessed us with the third diary of Ms Bridget Jones; i'm so excited I nearly wet myself, they are big enough to conceal it i'm sure :)
The count down now begins for Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy, which is will be out on 10 October.


Proud to be a complex single woman

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Skirt Frenzy...

Hello chickens :)

I absolutely love skirts, always have, always will. I've noticed the style of skirt i'm wearing depicts my mood, I feel super girly in a full skirt and super sexy in a body-con.  The midi trend that has taken over my wardrobe since last Christmas has caused many issues, mainly because the body-con style doesn't leave much room for a giant bowl of spaghetti or a dessert; so I have ventured into the full style midi skirt. A full skirt, which I have noticed causes me to do many a twirl and behave like a 5 year old girl at a party.
So I have found a range of styles, whether you're looking for short skater, midi & modern, prim & proper, punky, school girly or lace overload there's something for everyone.
I'm also a tad obsessed with ASOS atm... #obseeeeeesssseeeed #fashiongirlssay
'I think a lot of women have too many mini skirts in their closets'  Michael Kors

Twirling in my skirt

Comfy Cover Up...

So, it's been a while, but with the cold weather setting in and with a glass/bottle of wine near by I thought it was time to say hey...

Hey chickens :)

Although the current weather is appalling I am pleased to announce I have made a winter purchase...wooohooo

Matalan have some lovely key winter pieces that won't break the bank, this shawl was only £20. Think of the layering combinations that I can create with this :D... Ever so excited!

If this traditional style isn't you thing why not try one of the alternatives below...
Hope you find a comfy cover up to see you through the autumnal months and I'll be back soon chickens.

Pinky promise!!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

The fox, the rabbit & the faux

I absolutely love fur, and have searched for years to try and find the perfect fur coat.

A few weeks before Christmas I found it at a vintage fair in Essex. A lovely coney jacket stood out to me, understated and easy to wear, I just had to have it. Since then, I was bought a beautiful faux fur coat from Warehouse, lovely for the less cold months.
Today however I inherited a fantastic fabulous fur off my great aunt, red fox, it's A-mazing!! It would definitely be the one thing I would save in a fire. I don't feel I will get as much wear out of the fox as I do the coney though, not where I live anyway. Now I'm looking for a fur muff and a stole to add to my collection.

Just call me Cruella :)

The fox

The Rabbit

The Faux 

Luck of the Irish...

Hello hello :)

It's been a few days, but I have a great excuse, I promise :D
I've been on a little trip to Dublin...such fun!! I definitely recommend you pay a visit. I'm currently enjoying a cuppa and watching an episode of NCIS because I'm bleedin exhausted. I went with my friend and her parents, which was super, apart from sightseeing we just ate and drank all day. My kind of vacation.
We took a trip to the Guinness factory, so worth the money, we got to pull a pint (or craft a pint) and received a certificate :) so proud of myself.
We also went to the leprechaun museum, hearing fun tales of fairies and little shoemakers..Ever so fun!

Until next time dears :)

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Miss Selfridge Must Haves...

Just a few items from Miss Selfridge that I am in desperado need of at the moment....



Love, love, love the colours and hints of print from this fall 2013 collection. The collection is predominantly black although the bursts of yellow take the garments from drab and dreary to fun and cheery. Here are just a few of the looks I love.... For more take a look on which is where these images are from

Wishing I was in NY city