Saturday, 7 September 2013

Skirt Frenzy...

Hello chickens :)

I absolutely love skirts, always have, always will. I've noticed the style of skirt i'm wearing depicts my mood, I feel super girly in a full skirt and super sexy in a body-con.  The midi trend that has taken over my wardrobe since last Christmas has caused many issues, mainly because the body-con style doesn't leave much room for a giant bowl of spaghetti or a dessert; so I have ventured into the full style midi skirt. A full skirt, which I have noticed causes me to do many a twirl and behave like a 5 year old girl at a party.
So I have found a range of styles, whether you're looking for short skater, midi & modern, prim & proper, punky, school girly or lace overload there's something for everyone.
I'm also a tad obsessed with ASOS atm... #obseeeeeesssseeeed #fashiongirlssay
'I think a lot of women have too many mini skirts in their closets'  Michael Kors

Twirling in my skirt

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