Saturday, 16 February 2013

The fox, the rabbit & the faux

I absolutely love fur, and have searched for years to try and find the perfect fur coat.

A few weeks before Christmas I found it at a vintage fair in Essex. A lovely coney jacket stood out to me, understated and easy to wear, I just had to have it. Since then, I was bought a beautiful faux fur coat from Warehouse, lovely for the less cold months.
Today however I inherited a fantastic fabulous fur off my great aunt, red fox, it's A-mazing!! It would definitely be the one thing I would save in a fire. I don't feel I will get as much wear out of the fox as I do the coney though, not where I live anyway. Now I'm looking for a fur muff and a stole to add to my collection.

Just call me Cruella :)

The fox

The Rabbit

The Faux 

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