Thursday, 4 March 2010

Gaga in the room, so starstruck cherry cherry cherry cherry, boom boom

Well it turned out to be one of the most amazing nights of my life! Lady Gaga is the best thing to come out of pop for years in my opinion and at the O2 on Friday 26th February, she showed us all what she was capabale of.
From the moment I got to the O2 I noticed that people had added a little bit of Gaga to themselves, some just having a glitter lightning bolt on their face, others going to hole hog and wearing the wig and all. She clearly has some dedicated fans. One fan in particular stood out the most really going all out to create the ultimate Gaga outfit.
The first support act we watched I had never heard of, however thought they were great. Semi Precious Weapons are now up there with my favourite bands. With lyrics such as ' I can't pay my rent but im f*cking gorgeous' the New York glam rock band was not liked by everyone, however I felt lead vocalist Justin Trantor set the whole evening off very well, I especially loved his fishnets, t-shirt and jacket combo. Now I do not know whether it was changing his whole outfit on stage lying on the floor (loved his photo print leggings) or pouring champagne into the mouths of possible 15 year olds that made me like them even more or just their music but they now have a new fan :]

The second support, Danish pop group Alphabeat were also very good, it was good knowing who they were and being able to sing a long. Lead female vocalist Stine Bramsen was amazing live however I was not keen on her outfit. It wasn't that the long sleeved body was horrible, its just the satin look material didn't do Stine any favours, neither did the thick elastic waist belt. Apart from the tiny fashion faux pas Alphabeat were brilliant.

So besides the fact she was about 40 minutes late Lady Gaga was amazing. The opening was pretty cool, with a white curtain around the stage and images of her projected onto it. The singing was obviously amazing, especially when she sang 'Brown Eyes' and 'Speechless' which do happen to be two of my favourites so it made my evening. 
Along with the singing the outfits were out of this world!  The changes took a bit of time but when she stepped out in another fantastic creation you did not mind. One of my favourites was a white see through nun type outfit and also another white dress and head dress which moved while she sang, it also had wings that popped up. All I can say is, only Lady Gaga.

I was very suprised on how much she interacted with the audience, but she was very funny and seemed pretty genuine. It is quite hard to take someone seriously when they have a tiny leather bikini on or a leopard print cat suit with a hood and military hat, but thats why i'm glad she did interact as we got to see more than just her wacky clothes.
The whole evening was absolutely amazing and I did not want it to end!
The best show I have ever been to!!!!
Thank you to my best friend for getting me the ticket for xmas =]  

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  1. What a brilliant review! And no problem, you're my best friend and wouldn't want to share an evening with anyone else :D xx