Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Vintage Life...

I was pleased to find that my local WhSmith stocks Vintage Life magazine. I have been searching for a while and then magically it appeared ... lucky moi!
I really love the size of it, cute and portable. The article about women wearing red really stood out to me, I adore the colour, but because of my ginger locks I find it quite difficult to find the right shade. For this reason I stick to  red beauty products; I posted a few years ago about YSL lipstick, which is still my favourite red to wear for a statement pout.
Another fashion feature titled Seventies Chic was fab, bullet points about the different trends of the decade and still life images of garments from Rokit and Modcloth, all reasonably priced, give a good insight into how the trends can be worn today.
Other articles on pearls, art deco watches and a step by step on getting the perfect sixties makeup trend, were enjoyable to read.

At £3.80 Vintage Life is such a great magazine which focuses on fashion, beauty, home and lots more from the 20's to the 70's. If you like the sound of it, head to the fabulous website and subscribe, or find your local stockists.

Until next time dears

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