Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Picking up the post in the morning is such a mundane task, and usually consists of bills, bills, bills oh and a few bank statements; so exciting...not! Well this morning it all changed, there lying on the mat, was my copy of Vintagexplorer magazine. Such a surprise because I had only ordered it two nights ago from their eBay store and it gave a weeks expected delivery. They got an instant 5 star feedback!
So the basics, it's bi-monthly and has features on fashion, interiors, technology, events and places you must visit. All in all a great selection of information, which I have read cover to cover and loved. The layout makes it easy to ready and there is a good flow from story to story. Although it's a great read, it has had the same result that Vogue and Glamour have, in that it has made me want to shop. I think I need to be hypnotized. My shopping ban does not include magazines, so I will definitely be heading to the website to purchase the back issues :)
Until next time dears

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