Monday, 9 August 2010

Book Worm Alert!!

Charity shops are turning me into a book worm, they are just so cheap, £3.70 for 5 books!!! You can't even buy 1 book in Waterstones for that price.
Now I just have to find the time in between the gym and sleeping to read them all, thank goodness I have a holiday next week =]
I get a little nervous when buying a book, many things run through my head 'what happens if I don't like it', 'what happens if it's sad, I don't want to cry' and 'is this a series, if so have I got the first book, or am I going to start half way through the story'. I tell you it's a nightmare, this is why a charity shop is a much safer place for me to go, less choice and less pennies leaving my purse.

'The Girl Next Door' by Elizabeth Noble (number 1 bestselling author of Things I Want My Daughter To Know) was my first choice, mainly because i'm a bit addicted to anything to do with the Upper East Side at the moment and it's about a girl from the UK living in on New York's Upper East Side. 
So I haven't got further than the first page because there are nearly 4 sides just naming the characters!! Now does this mean i am going to have to keep flicking back and forth just to see who David Schulman (one of the many characters) is.... I really hope not!
When I have finished, hopefully more than just the character descriptions, I shall let you know.


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