Sunday, 2 February 2014

Welcome 2014

Hey ya'll 

So we are a month into the new year and I've now decided on one of my resolutions.    
If I'm honest, every year my resolutions are pretty similar to years gone by, sound familiar?! 
My usual resolutions: 
Drop a dress size
Go to the gym more
Keep my room super organised 
Start saving 
Eat less chocolate 
Find the perfect job 

I think the only one I ever stick to is going to the gym, as I bloody love it. Last year I did commit to learning to knit... Snaps to moi!! I've only knitted squares though, so this year my resolution is to actually knit something of some use, or a decorative item. 

Second resolution of 2014, I have only just decided on this, btw; I will post at least 2 blog posts a week... Pinky promise!!!

So, I'm going to get back to watching Grease for about the millionth time, but you know when it's on tv you have to watch it. It's the law!! 

Just call me Rizzo ;) 


Ps: I'm currently having to use my iPad as I'm on the hunt for a new laptop so 'scuse the lack of pics ... Waaahhhh 

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